In the ABOUT section of the website, it says there are only 8,700 words in the Hebrew language so many words in the Bible could have multiple meanings/translations. It think that point is very interesting and relevant in discussions today concerning the Bible. I would like to use it for my own conversations with people who have a more strict and narrow view on the scriptures. I just wanted to clarify the exact numbers so I don’t end up biasing my information. I was excited to find this site and almost took everything in without a second thought because it supported many of my own views on Christianity. But I realized I didn’t want to do exactly what I did growing up in church and just be force fed information.

On Google, it says the academy of the Hebrew language estimates 45,000 unique words (excluding meaningful expressions of words such as “book-house” meaning “school”). I also found somewhere that said the Old Testament has a total of 8,700 Hebrew words. So is it 8,700 words in the whole Hebrew language or just in the Old Testament? Also 8,700 Hebrew words to the current 171,476 unique English words (Oxford English dictionary) is 5% and not 1%. If it is 45,000 Hebrews words it would be about 26% of the English language. I know 1% has more of a shock factor than 26% but I would like to tell people correct information.

Thanks in advance for the answer!