Hi! I’m interested in hearing your take on the prayer.  I haven’t been able to find satisfactory answers yet. C.S. Lewis’ essay on Prayer and Work makes the point that God has a general set of rules (causality–work) but will grant special favors if you plead him (prayer) so as to allow certain human agency in divine will. I’m not convinced by this view, as it ascribes onto God a very rigid human system of rules and exceptions like a workplace. Also if God is not bound by any rules, if he is pure love and forgiveness, then it follows there is no need for prayer–one of the points C.S. Lewis rebuked but in my mind never fully addressed. I’m wondering what do you think of the role of prayer in religious life, what’s its significance in human-God relations, and what is an effective way to pray (if there is one?) Thank you very much!