Jesus said he is the perfect representation of the father, he said, when you have seen him you have seen the Father, I and the Father are one.

Why does Jesus say,”you have heard men of old say. . . this and that, but I say. . . something completely different”.  Jesus said “love your enemy”, how is it then that men were being obedient to God by slaughtering men, women and children, then going on to steal their possessions.              Did God really kill the first born in Egypt, drown whole people groups?

I can not see God the son killing babies like God the Father did in the OT, they are not one.

I read a few articles on this site that have broadly answered my questions.
I am excited about the idea of a “progressive revelation of God”.
Although I think it would be more correct to say “progressive understanding”.
I don’t imagine Gods’ delivery of information is the limiting factor to greater understanding, but rather our willingness to receive revelation in faith.
Thank you for your articles I’ll read them before asking further questions.